Unforgettable moments and pleasure in mixture of Oriental, Mediterranian, Balkan, and European culture are the privileges enjoyed by the guests of the unique Villa Mina.

It is located in the popular turist location Lagadin on the very heart of the Ohrid coast, where modern architecture and history collide. Villa Mina offers colorful story decorated by wonderful Lake Ohrid sunset.

Villa Mina is situated on the very coast of Lake Ohrid, just a few minutes’ drive from the Ohrid City Centre and from a lot popular tourist attractions like monastery St. Naum, Gradište, Trpejca, Museum on water - Bay of the bones etc.

It is the location of the Villa that makes the vacation entirely relaxing since it is away from city traffic, but still very close to all well-known sites on the Ohrid coast that are worth visiting.


















The location of  Villa Mina was named after  St. Mina, a saint and a warrior, who was a great and true Christian who could not accept people practicing idolatry and therefore, he ran away in the mountains by saying – “I would rather live with animals in mountains than with infidels on earth!”

The history of the location and the name of the unique Villa Mina binds us to be consistent in fulfillment of our mission – to ensure an unforgettable vacation to every guest!

Every corner of Villa Mina holds its own story inspired by the undeniably original history Letters from the first alphabet –the Glagolitic Alphabet, whose roots date as back as the 9th century, can be found in every room of Villa Mina.

St. Cyril invented the Glagolitic Alphabet in 869 year which is composed of 38 signs based on the Macedonian language of the Slavic people.

This alphabet was brought in Ohrid by St. Cyril’s disciples – St. Naum of Preslav and St. Clement of Ohrid, who established literary school in Ohrid where more than 3000 students received their education. This historical instance is especially important for Ohrid, as well for all Macedonian people, and at the same time is our inspiration for its preservation through this contemporary story of Villa Mina.





























Villa Mina rates with 4 stars which are justified considering the modern architecture, the vividness and the glamour of every luxuriously decorated room, adjusted to satisfy every need of our guests. Villa Mina offers unforgettable and unique moments in the exclusive VIP apartments, Deluxe studios, Mini-studios, Studios and two bedroom apartments supplied with modern interior design, kitchenette (fully equipped kitchen for VIP apartments), complete bathrooms with a shower and free toiletries, a terrace for each room with a wonderfull view of the Lake Ohrid or a mountain, which repeatedly awakes a desire for a new inevitable encounter.

Villa Mina also has an amazing swimming-pool with sunbeds, a bar, wireless internet, grill, and parking spaces. The villa is supplied with comfortable beds and chairs, and the traditional bar offers original cold and hot drinks and coctails, hot and cold sandwiches, traditional salads and snacks. Situated right next to the infinity swimming pool with a marvellous Lake Ohrid view, the Villa creates a special kind of magic that must be experienced!

Our staff is always friendly so that our guests can feel at home in a warm and pleasant surroundings. Our motto is: Guests do not stay here – they belong here!



Striving to fulfill its mission, Villa Mina offers to its guests Rent-a-Car services with preferential pricing, discounts and packages.

Villa Mina has Rent-a-Car Agency Eurorent as its partner. This agency offers a great variety of new cars from famous car brands like Škoda, Seat or Volkswagen.

Villa Mina organizes exclusive dinners accompanied by traditional food and music where guests can become closely familiar with and conscious of our culture.

Our appreciated partner is the travelling operator TUI – Nederland. In order to demonstrate our devotion for ensuring quality, Villa Mina organizes a dinner with traditional barbecue and wine for all guests of TUI.













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